(Elisabeth Richardson) Last Wednesday Amazon began offering two-hour delivery service to Charlotte and the surrounding area through Prime Now, so naturally I decided to do a test run.

First, I downloaded the app on my iPhone, logged into my Prime account, put in my zip code, and then I started shopping and scrolling and searching. Everything I was looking for was there: dog food, ear buds, and paper towels. Sure, I could have made a store run, but since delivery is free for orders of $20 or more, why not just use the app?

Screens were easy to understand and showed all possible charges.


It was Saturday at 12:46pm when I placed the order, and Prime Now offered me two delivery windows: 2-4pm or 4-6pm. I chose

the earlier time and then left delivery instructions to not ring the doorbell because it upsets our dogs. Amazon automatically added a $5 tip but told me it was going to and that I could change the amount. For my initial order, I decided to do the tip, but if I use the service a lot in the future, I could see this adding up quickly. Still, it is worth $5 to me to stay out of traffic, especially with 77 being so unpredictable these days.

Cody and Cuddles Richardson are ready for the Prime Now delivery.

At 3:30pm the doorbell rang. Fail. Usually when the bell rings, I shout the command to stay and extend my hand toward my biggest barker. But my dogs seemed to sense I was unusually excited about whoever rang the bell, and they let the possibility of an intruder slide and remained quiet. (Note: I may need to work on my dogs’ surveillance skills.)

Cody and Cuddles Richardson are ready for the Prime Now delivery.When I opened the door, a lovely woman with a smile greeted me with my goodies.

Ear buds! My paper towels and dog food were not bagged, just like they would be at the grocery store.

All in all, the experience was very positive and convenient. I wish I’d had this service when I was a single mother and every trip to the store required extensive planning and a Sherpa’s load of “essentials.”

If I need an order in an hour, the delivery charge is $7.99. And even at that price, I would do it if I were sick or packing for a trip, or, well, perhaps not feeling like battling the crowds and cars to do some shopping. And, of course, when next year’s snowmaggeddon of one inch accumulation dusts the ground, guess who’s getting milk and bread delivered to her home? Me, that’s who. I’ve already priced the Horizon Organic half gallon at $4.39.


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